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Disneyland Resort and Walt Disney World Resort SALUTE Military Cast Members With New Diversity Resource Group

SALUTE-DRG_color-transparent This July is especially momentous for cast members with connections to the military as SALUTE, a new diversity resource group, officially launched last week at the Disneyland and Walt Disney World Resorts with patriotic ceremonies on both coasts. Cast members participating in SALUTE will help provide a military perspective that will enhance the cast and guest experience.

SALUTE is an extension of Disney’s longstanding support of the armed forces, which dates back to Walt Disney’s service in the Ambulance Corps during World War I and his brother Roy’s service as a petty officer in the Navy.

SALUTE is the sixth diversity resource group at Disneyland Resort and the seventh for Walt Disney World Resort. These groups serve as resources to the company and our cast by sharing the unique perspectives and contributions that diverse communities can offer.

Additional diversity resource groups on both coasts include:
CastABLE: Promoting respect, equality and an appreciation of people with disabilities.
COMPASS (Community of Pacific Islanders, Asians and Allies): Enhancing cast, guest and community relations through Asian and Pacific Islander cultural awareness and business practices.
FAMILIES: Focusing on family-related interests. (Walt Disney World Resort only.)
HOLA (Hispanic Organization for Leadership Advancement): Promoting Hispanic/Latino heritage and cultural exchange.
PULSE (People United to Lead, Serve and Excel): Developing cultural, educational and professional opportunities for cast members of African heritage.
PRIDE (People Respecting Individual Diversities in Everyone): Serving gay, lesbian, bisexual, transgender cast members by providing resources, learning opportunities and a supportive network.

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