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Role Call: Cappy

2013 was a landmark year for Disney’s Heroes Work Here initiative. In early March, we expanded our goal to hire an additional 1,000 veterans through 2015, and to date, since March 2012, have hired more than 2,900 veterans. Just a couple of months ago, the Company also built on its commitment to assist servicemen and servicewomen In their transition to civilian life with the inaugural Veterans Institute, which included a keynote address by First Lady Michelle Obama. The complimentary day-long workshop gathered hundreds of businesses of all sizes for a singular, important mission: help companies build effective veteran-hiring programs of their own based on Disney’s success story.

Through the Heroes Work Here initiative, The Walt Disney Company has paved the way for veteran career expos around the country, our recently held Veterans Institute, special courses specifically designed for 150 Disney recruiters and 500 hiring managers so that they had a better understanding of military vernacular, and career coaching sessions for hundreds of veterans during which they learned resume writing and interview skills.

Today we’d like to introduce one of the veterans hired through Heroes Work Here, Cappy, a veteran with 22 years of active duty military experience and a recent Walt Disney World Resort cast member.

During his time in the US Navy, Cappy served in many unique roles. He was first a Boarding Officer, who led the 1st successful capture of oil smugglers in the Persian Gulf. He then went on to become the Navy’s Hollywood Liaison in Los Angeles, served at bases overseas and onboard a host of ships including the aircraft carrier USS Harry S. Truman. He spent many years in the Pentagon where he served as spokesman and media relations manager for U.S. Navy global communications efforts working with all major national and international media outlets on stories such as the Navy’s rescue of the crew of the Maersk Alabama from Somali pirates – a story that generated more than 2 million media reports worldwide.

Cappy currently leads the Internal and Executive Communications teams at Walt Disney World Resort. His responsibilities include ensuring seamless and timely communication with nearly 70,000 Cast Members and providing strategic communication support to senior Walt Disney World executives through speeches, event project management and other various types of communication.

The culture at Disney is something Cappy is very familiar with. “The transition to Disney was great as it has so much in common with the military. Both organizations have a rich heritage, a commitment to teamwork and the desire to take care of their people.”

Many skills that Cappy obtained during his time in the military have correlated with his current role with the company. “Knowing how to plan is a critical element of being successful. Events and situations can go every which way and having a plan sets you up well to make adjustments as needed to keep you on track. The military also taught me that it’s vital to maintain your composure in the face of the unexpected so you can think clearly and find solutions to any challenge.”

Cappy’s advice for veterans going through the transition stage is to know what you want to do and which show potential employers how your skills are a good match. “Success in landing a job is predicated on preparedness meeting opportunity,” Cappy states. He also recommends having a strong and professional social media presence.

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