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In March of 2012 The Walt Disney Company company logoannounced Heroes Work Here, a company-wide initiative to hire, train and support returning veterans.

In March of 2013 during our annual Shareholder meeting, Disney Chairman and CEO Bob Iger announced that the company surpassed its goal to provide 1,000 career opportunities for returning U.S. veterans over a three-year period— hiring more than 1,300 veterans in just one year. As a result, Bob shared a new goal to hire an additional 1,000 U.S. veterans over the next two years.

Heroes Work Here reflects the long history of respect and appreciation Disney has for the U.S. Armed Services. We recognize the commitment and dedication it takes to serve your country and value the leadership skills and sense of purpose the military has instilled in you.

We encourage you to explore the Heroes Work Here website and discover where you can begin the next chapter of your personal career story.

Discover how you can begin a new chapter in your personal career story!