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Learning & Development

In addition to providing career opportunities as part of the Heroes Work Here Initiative, The Walt Disney Company company logo
is committed to helping veterans during their transition into the civilian workforce. We believe learning and development
plays a crucial role in that transition and will help assist you in reaching your goals.

Here you will find resources that will help arm you with the tools you need to begin a new chapter in your personal career story. These tools are meant to help prepare you for the next step in your career by maximizing your performance, improving your skills and continuing your education.

  • NETWORKING 101 — Learn how to use the military emphasis on teamwork to create your own personal support team as you begin your post-military career search.


  • RESUME WRITING — Learn the basics of resume writing using the same direct writing approach you used in the military, practice translating your military skills to civilian terminology on paper and get the interview!


  • ACING THE INTERVIEW — Plan for all three steps of the interview process: preparation, rehearsal and follow up through tips like what to bring with you to the interview and how to answer tough questions.


  • MILITARY TRANSITION — Learn the steps to a successful transition from the military back into the civilian workforce.